Jean Fourmentin-Guilbert

A private and indenpendent foundation created by Jean Fourmentin-Guilbert

A dual culture engineering and science

Graduated from Arts et Métiers in 1950, Jean Fourmentin-Guibert is 22 when he starts his career as industrial engineer. Fascinated by the mysterious phenomenon called life, he remarked that biology is fundamentally an engineering science as the engineer developed the most innovative biological analysis tools. Jean Fourmentin-Guilbert formulated an objective and a strategy : Being financially indenpendent at 40 in order to devote himself entirely to life sciences and to the promotion of a generalized effort in instrumentation, standardization and modeling. After 20 years of working for leading companies and as head of his own enterprise, he reached his objective and can go back to university to obtain a Master Degree in biology. He carried out research in biology and industrial activity up to 1987 and then devoted himself entirely to the creation of an indenpendent scientific foundation. The Fourmentin-Guilbert scientific foundation is launched in 1990 dedicated to « the promotion of biology ».