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Scientific Foundation Fourmentin-Guilbert

The Foundation Fourmentin-Guilbert exists to promote life sciences.

The Fourmentin-Guilbert Foundation was created in May 1990 by Jean Fourmentin-Guilbert to foster new concepts in life sciences and to promote biology in the general public.

The Foundation Fourmentin-Guilbert is governed by a Board of Directors. A Scientific Committee assists the board of the Foundation by providing scientific advices. The Foundation is recognized by a state council decree.

Goals and objectives

The mission of the Foundation is to promote life sciences. Our goals include:

  • Provoking the emergence of new concepts in life science. By supporting frontier research either in instrumentation or in computational biology, the Foundation seeks to be a catalyst between various disciplines which are involved in biology.

  • Raising the awareness of physicists, chemists and engineers to biology. By publishing scientific information on biological systems, the Foundation aims to increase the general knowledge of living systems.

Actions of the Foundation

These actions are of a scientific nature. The Foundation started by supporting instrumental projects (see past actions). We are continuing our support to cryo-microscopy imaging of bacteria by working with the Max Planck Institute in Munich. In parallel, we launched a computational and modelling project: the LifeExplorer project.

We published a CDROM on the “Mécamismes du vivant” to present in an original way the key concepts of molecular biology. Currently we are helping the new edition of “The Machinery of life” by David S. Goodsell as well as its translation in French.


 They consist of:

  • income from the endowment fund invested and administered by the Board of Directors,

  • subsidies which may be granted to the Foundation,

  • the use of authorized proceeds from donations,

  • the proceeds from special resources, if necessary with the approval of the competent authority,

  • legacies and donations.

Contacting the Foundation


    Fondation Fourmentin-Guilbert
    2 Av du Pavé Neuf
    93160 Noisy le grand

    Phone: +33 (1) 43030620

    To contact the Foundation, please email

    info at

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